Eskoops - a Quiz and Poll Platform

Spark your team's creativity and engagement with our versatile quiz and poll platform. From icebreakers to brainstorming sessions, our tools will help your corporate team communicate and connect in fun and meaningful ways.

Seamless Team Collaboration

Eskoops is designed for team building programs, allowing all participants to come together and play as a team or individuals. It enhances collaboration and camaraderie among team members through interactive quizzes and polls. .

Leaderboard and Ranking

At the end of each session, Eskoops displays a leaderboard showcasing cumulative scores and rankings. This competitive element adds excitement and motivation for participants as they strive to climb the leaderboard and showcase their knowledge and skills.

Marketplace for Quizzes and Polls

Eskoops offers a diverse marketplace where users can browse and purchase quizzes and polls. This extensive collection ensures a wide range of topics and themes to cater to various interests and learning objectives, making each session unique and engaging.

Monthly/Yearly Subscriptions

Eskoops provides flexible subscription options, allowing users to access a vast library of quizzes and polls. Monthly or yearly subscriptions ensure continuous access to new content, making it a cost-effective solution for regular team building activities.

Support for Large User Base

Eskoops is built to accommodate a large number of participants simultaneously, allowing for seamless engagement and participation in quizzes and polls. Whether you have a small team or a large group, Eskoops ensures everyone can join in the fun and interactive activities, fostering a sense of inclusivity and collaboration.

AI-Enabled Quiz and Poll Creation

Eskoops empowers moderators with AI technology to create quizzes and polls effortlessly. This feature simplifies the content creation process, saves time, and ensures a constant supply of fresh and engaging challenges for participants.

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Why Eskoops?

Eskoops plays a vital role in events by fostering active participant interaction and engagement. It facilitates team building by providing a platform for all participants to interact and play together, promoting collaboration, healthy competition, and shared experiences. With real-time quizzes and polls, Eskoops enhances communication, encourages knowledge sharing, and creates a fun and inclusive environment for team building events.

How it Works

No download, no hassle, you just need a browser and an internet connection to experience Eskoops


Sign Up and Login

Begin the Eskoops experience by signing up and creating an account. The user-friendly registration process allows participants to quickly join the platform. Once registered, simply log in using your credentials to access the exciting quizzes and polls tailored for team building events.


Play Individually or as a Team

Engage in the interactive quizzes and polls designed to foster knowledge sharing, collaboration, and healthy competition. Participants can choose to play individually, testing their own expertise, or team up with fellow participants for a collaborative challenge. Whether you prefer to go solo or join forces, Eskoops offers a seamless and engaging experience for all.


Track Progress with Leaderboards

After completing the quizzes and polls, participants can view their scores and rankings on the dynamic leaderboard. This real-time leaderboard allows participants to track their progress, compare their performance with others, and fuel their competitive spirit. Celebrate achievements, strive for improvement, and witness the friendly competition unfold as you navigate through the quizzes and polls.

With Eskoops dive into an interactive world of quizzes and polls that encourage teamwork, knowledge sharing, and friendly competition. The platform creates an inclusive environment where participants can engage individually or as a team, allowing everyone to contribute their expertise and have fun.

Track Progress with Leaderboards

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