Augmented Reality Experiences

Elevate your brand messaging and bring your teams together with our augmented reality solutions. Gamify your next event, enhance training programs, and engage your employees like never before with our cutting-edge technology.

Marker-based Tracking

The AR application uses markers or predefined patterns in the real world to anchor virtual content. By scanning and recognizing these markers through the device's camera, the application can overlay corresponding virtual objects or information on top of them.

Real-time Object Recognition

The application can recognize and analyze real-world objects in real-time, allowing virtual content to be overlaid on top of them. This feature enables interactive experiences and information augmentation based on the recognized objects.

3D Object Placement and Interaction

Users can place and manipulate virtual 3D objects within the AR environment. These objects can be scaled, rotated, and moved around in real-time, giving users a sense of control and interactivity.

Image Recognition

The application can recognize specific images or objects in the real world and trigger associated AR content. For example, scanning a product packaging or a printed image can display additional information, videos, or interactive elements related to that image.

Basic Interactions

Users can perform basic interactions with virtual objects, such as tapping or rotating. These interactions can be used to reveal hidden content, change the appearance of objects, or navigate through different AR experiences.

Video content placement

Video content placement in the AR app enriches the user experience by seamlessly integrating informative and engaging videos within the augmented reality environment. This enhances understanding, provides visual demonstrations, and adds an extra layer of interactivity, making the AR app even more immersive and impactful.

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Why AR?

The Thought Bulb AR app for team building events revolutionizes the experience by bringing immersive technology to the forefront. It enhances collaboration and engagement among participants, fostering a dynamic and interactive environment. With realistic simulations, interactive challenges, and virtual teamwork, the AR app boosts communication, problem-solving, and creativity, leading to strengthened relationships and improved team performance.

How it Works

No download, no hassle, you just need a browser and an internet connection to experience Eskoops


Immersive Real-Life Experiences

The Thought Bulb AR app takes team building activities to the next level by providing participants with immersive real-life experiences. Users simply scan real-life objects or images using the app, instantly unlocking a world of augmented reality challenges.


Scan and Explore Interactive Challenges

Once scanned, the app unveils a world of captivating challenges and interactive elements directly related to the scanned objects. Participants can explore these virtual enhancements, uncover hidden clues, and engage with dynamic content that blurs the line between the real and virtual worlds.


Unleash Collaborative Teamwork

With the Thought bulb AR app, teams collaborate, communicate, and solve challenges together, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. By leveraging the power of augmented reality, team members bring their unique perspectives and skills to the table, enhancing problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking. The immersive nature of the app creates an exciting and memorable team building experience that sparks innovation and strengthens bonds.Experience the Thought bulb AR app and embark on a team building journey like no other, where real-life objects become gateways to immersive challenges, fostering collaboration, and unleashing the full potential of your team. "

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